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The Lanes

 Established 1987

Garwood Lanes is a local establishment that has been a cornerstone in the community for the past 4 decades. What is Garwood without the Garwood Lanes? A cozy, 8 lane  bowling alley that has stood the test of time. Whether you came here on your first date or the last drink before your wedding or 10 quick frames at midnight on your birthday, everyone has a memory at Garwood Lanes. This is a generational, family owned business and every customer that walks in makes the family bigger. 


Dave and Diane buy what is now the Garwood Lanes we know and love. Dave, an Elizabeth, NJ firefighter spends every moment he's not at the firehouse at Garwood Lanes establishing it as a welcoming place to hang your hat. Diane, moonlighting as a full time nurse spends her days raising her three girls and forming Garwood Lanes into the family center for entertainment. 

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20 Years later the business is passed down to Dave and Diane's daughters Dawn and Doreen. Dawn, while raising her family, brought the feeling and flow of a home to the Lanes. Doreen, with her restaurant experience, brought the refinement of a modern establishment. The regulars from the first era stayed and became family and Dawn and Doreen brought a whole new generation of customers with them. The Lanes under their leadership has evolved with the times but retained its appeal of home.


From 1987 until now there has been war, recession, plague, and fire. All of which has challenged the institution of Garwood Lanes but we are still here and we are still family. We can't wait for you to join us!

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